Wednesday, April 14, 2010

food fighttt!

the contenders
animal-friendly raw eats vs. their cooked counterparts


round 1:  rawcos vs. veggie tacos

on our left, we have rawcos (raw tacos) filled with veggies warmed in the dehydrator, a rendition of kristen's cheezy hemp nacho sauce, and carmella's guacamole supreme (minus the onions). served with a side salad covered in my sweet lime cilantro dressing. ooooohhh!

on our right, lightly cooked veggies in organic yellow corn shells, baked with daiya dairy-free cheddar style shreds. served with a side of cooked quinoa, corn, black beans, red peppers, and lots of spice! ahhhhhh!

the winner? veggie tacos! it was VERY close, but the tie breaker here was the shell. the raw taco shell was in between hard and chewy, and a little difficult to chew. when i eat taco shells, i like to feel some crunch!

round 2: the battle of the sammies

our raw contender is an avocado, mushroom, tomato, and romaine lettuce sandwich on matthew kenney's cumin flatbread, served next to a ceasar salad with heathy's caesar dressing, and a bubbies raw kosher dill pickle. the sandwich got a sprinkling of wakame inside for some crunch. (i love me some munching and crunching!=)

our cooked contender is a fried tomato sandwich with vegenaise, lettuce and sprouts on whole grain bread, with a side of my old favorite, tater tots. (can you believe it's been months since i made them?!=)

now i'm totally going on taste with the judging, and believe it or not, i'm choosing the raw sandwich meal over the fried! the raw sammie meal is just so fresh and flavorful. the cumin flatbread is out of this world, and heathy's caesar dressing is soo good and creamy. have you tried it yet?

round 3: raw and cooked vegan pizza duke it out!
(this could get ugly yummy!=)

homemade crispy raw yummies on the left double team the restaurant-made doughy pizza on the right. it's a close one, as italians sure know how to make a tomato pie, but nothing beats the crunchy crust and fabulous flavor of raw pizza with cashew cheeze. (i could eat raw pizza all day, every day!=)  

raw pizza takes the cake pie! (just look at how much more exciting raw pizza looks!=)

round 4: potato salad stand-off

cooked potato salad with vegenaise wins by a knock out! there's nothing like a classic traditional potato salad (minus the eggs, for the chickens' sake=).

the score is raw - 2 cooked - 2!

final round: the tussle of the tunas!

mock tuna sandwich image on the right from happy herbivore

on your left you see oh my this is a tuna in a collard wrap vs. fat-free vegan tuna salad made with chickpeas by happy herbivore. in my opinion, oh my this is a tuna could blow any tuna out of the water, but i haven't tried a chickpea version. i do love chickpeas, and happy herbivore's recipe sounds pretty darn tasty, so i think i'll leave this one up to the audience!

which would you prefer: oh my this is a tuna, or vegan tuna with chickpeas? (or, are you like john, and think tuna in all forms is gross and should only be fed to cats?=)


(be sure to enter the lovely antonella's giveaway. nelly is personally giving away some raw treats to a lucky reader, because she's just that sweet!=)


  1. What a fun post! I loved seeing all the comparisons. I'm not sure about the tuna debate...I'm not a big tuna person at all. However, I do love chickpeas, so if I had to choose I'd probably go with that one!

    lol. Get your head outta the gutter!! You are hilarious. I am seriously naive and didn't even notice the double meaning in my little comment. Thanks for bringing the comedy:) And while I'm at it, thanks for reading my blog...your comments always bring a smile to my face!

  2. i'm hungry...all of that food loooooks amazing!!! can i have 10 of everything please? as if!!! i wish i lived closer to all of you amazing raw would be so much fun to hang out and make such amazing raw food...and vegan cooked...and i really wish i had someone more experienced showing me the's fun to learn on my own...but i truly appreciate guidance at rock lady!

    and i'm with john...tuna should only be fed to cats...well, tuna should be able to swim it's high in mercury!!!

    anyway...can't wait for you to get your goodies...i really hope you enjoy the moonies...i actually had an idea today...i thought about making a raw nutella moonie...i'm so excited...thought i'd share that with you...

    have an awesome night friend!


  3. Oh this post is great, Kelli! Love the comparisons and all the lovely eats you posted! The raw tacos look sooo good! I used to make my own raw taco meat all the time but fell outta the habit, need to get back into it!

  4. What a fun post, indeed! I'm totally looking for the perfect raw mock tuna recipe, so you've got me experimenting!

  5. Super cool blog and super cool post! I love this battle of the meals idea. That raw pizza must've been pretty amazing to beat out the real thing. I'm lookin forward to scrolling through your recipes!

    How is veganaise? Never tried it myself. I've been eying it up at the store.

    Thanks again for saying hi. I really love your blog! It's got such great info.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Ah, I loved this post! What a fun way to duke it out with some great eats! I have tried Heathy's caesar dressing - yum0! And raw pizza - I agree I could eat this stuff it's that good. And so many variations too so it's not the same. Anyway, fun post. I'm curious what people's votes are about the mock tuna. I made one once and wasn't sold (tasted too much like sunflower seeds) but had someone else's version the other day and it was yummy! I do love chickpeas too. Sounds like an interesting one for sure.

  8. aww thanks girls! glad you enjoyed it.=)

    candice - hehe. i still laugh when i think about it!=)

    nelly belly - i know, i always think how great it would be if we all lived closer! potlucks every weekend! and i cannot wait to get my goodies! you're the best!=)

    hey averie - i'd love to see your taco meat recipe!

    hi isle dance! 'oh my this is a tuna' is amazingly like real tuna. i love it.

    farty girl!!! so glad you stopped by! thank you.=) veganaise is pretty yummy. to me its very similar to mayo - a bit more like miracle whip but better.

    hi hiho! seems like we have very similar (good) taste.=) i think you'll like 'oh my this is a tuna'. i don't see how anyone could not! really. maybe you could use more walnuts in place of sunflower seeds.

    i'm going to make the chickpea version and find out which is better. it just may not be too fair because i LOVE the raw version. but i do love chickpeas, too, so we'll see!=)

  9. cumin flatbread--that's from everyday raw right?

    off to go eat a bubbies after that spotting. :-)


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