Saturday, March 20, 2010

happy spring!

image from

we're enjoying perfect weather here for the first day of spring. today we're working on the garden and getting our bikes tuned up. tonight i'm going to a vegan potluck with my friends and former vegan cooking class instructors carol and lisa. today's also carol's b-day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!!!

i hope you're all enjoying the first day of spring! it's finally here - WOOHOO!=)


  1. About time too! I thought this winter would never end. Have fun out in the lovely sunshine today!

  2. I was out and about photographing all the signs of nature. First daffodil to blossom, little clover flowers in the grass, and buds on the trees getting ready to open. It's all so beautiful to me after these dreary winters.

  3. Ciao Ciao Beautiful♥ Happy Spring!

  4. Happy spring Kelli! Let the green things grow and nourish us.:)


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