Tuesday, January 26, 2010

snack attack

i battle several snack attacks throughout the day.
my prescription?
animal-friendly treats, of course =).

when my pantry is stocked, a typical day could unfold like this: 

spelt cakes with sunflower pesto and cashew cheese may start the day...

which then might lead to raw pizza with sprouts...

which may be washed down by a green smoothie with hemp seeds...
(i find banana, apple, kale, and lemon make a sweet skittles-tasting smoothie!)

while another peek in the pantry might fold into nori-sheet munchin'..
i chomp on them whole, just like that!

all could possibly be followed by a sweet finale to the snack fest...
organic oranges

most of the time my animal-friendly snacks do the trick, but every now and then i eat *whispering* a twix bar! i know, aren't i bad?! :P although delicious in the moment, i feel nauseous 15 minutes after i eat them. i didn't pay much attention to milk chocolate until i decided to give up the animal products. go figure!

i think it's just a phase, and i'm sure it will pass. i also received cacao powder with my sirova order today, so i'll soon be able to get that chocolate craving in check! =)

what are your favorite "good" snacks/"bad" snacks?


  1. oh i hope the cacao helps you! make your own treats! once you've had real cacao you won't want to go back!

  2. Lovely photos & I agree with bitt of raw about cacao. It's just a matter of keeping the treats on hand :-)

  3. Nice post! I find the 70% cacao chocolates helpful. anything after that would be too sweet to handle! I also have lots of fruits all the time, just in case I have a sugar madness LOL!

  4. I love flax crackers & celery sticks with zucchini hummus or nacho dip. And bananas. I eat so many bananas. And I also keep a chocolate snack on hand at all times, either fudge or chocolate chia pudding, or a chocolate cake. All raw of course :)

  5. Thanks for linking to us, you're awesome! I too love to chomp on whole nori sheets :) So satisfying! Let's see, what else... I love quick chia puddings. I just swallow them in their liquid without giving them a chance to swell up. Also, chocolate, of course, goji berries, and sometimes dried fruits. Oh yea! Lara Bars and Pure Bars! So good :)

  6. you guys gave me great snack ideas. thanks! =) sometimes i need to be reminded of the obvious, like a banana makes an excellent snack. methinks banana with chocolate sauce will undoubtedly curb those candy bar cravings! =)

  7. Wonderful snacks! Some days I just have 4 or 5 snacks rather than actual meals:)

    A few favorites...dried figs, cinnamon sprinkled apples, raspberries by the handful, and Medjools stuffed with a Brazil nut:)

  8. thanks evergreen. me too! =) your favorite snacks sound delish, especially the stuffed medjools!!!

  9. Oh no!
    I'll save you! Da da da da!



  10. hehe! thanks for the links - homemade pb cups sound like a very good idea!

  11. i love the photo of you chomping away at the seaweed. i do the same thing. :D


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