Sunday, June 14, 2009

making mint tea

a marvelous mug of mint tea

my mint, multiplying like mad! =)

you could pick up mint at the food store, but why do that when you can grow your own?! mint is such a pretty plant and can be added to so many dishes. i hear it's a hardy perennial, so if you plant mint in your garden it will come back every year. (i potted my spearmint so i can bring it inside to enjoy all year long).

to make mint tea, simply pinch off the top set of leaves and place in a cup of boiling water. some say to "bruise" the leaves by rolling them between your fingers to release the flavor. i like to sip my tea with the leaves, but you could remove them after a few minutes.

if you'd like, add a natural sweetener, although it's really not needed. you can also add mint leaves to green tea or other beverages like mojitos or margaritas - mmm!!! =)

tonight i enjoyed my mint tea in this precious hand-painted mug i purchased earlier today at the Gloucester City Farmer's Market from Helen - a sweet lady with a knack for painting and a great laugh identical to my Mom-Mom's. (i wanted to hug her when i heard that one in a million giggle!)

i wish you could have seen her beautiful work (the pic doesn't do her justice). she told me she only took up painting about a year ago! her work inspired me to give painting another try, so we'll see how that goes!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!! I heart purple!!

  2. thanks, A. i ♥ purple too!

  3. I love mint tea. The mint tea is manufactured from the freshly chosen green tea leaves. It is appreciated worldwide owing to the following features:
    No side effects
    Rich Aroma and taste of tea
    Free from artificial ingredients. It is the best tea in cough and cold. Also it is the best tea in winter.


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